The Small Web Master prefers to work with small businesses and individuals looking for a personal blog or small web site. For that reason, our business is designed to support “the little guy.”

If you’re looking for a website to that you hope will become the next or, then the Small Web Master is not interested in being your webmaster. If you want to create a site loaded with fancy, artsy Flash effects or one that requires complex online databases, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The Small Web Master understands those technologies and uses them as part of his normal website programming, but has little or no interest in either creating or maintaining Flash based or large complex database driven sites that require constant time-consuming and expensive maintenance. That’s simply not what he chooses to do.

Our menu

The Small Web Master is pleased to offer the following web design services:

  • A “Starter Package” with pricing starting at just $99!
  • Free initial consultation and planning services
  • Small business websites ranging from 5 to 50 pages
  • Personalized web pages and blogs
  • Redesign and updating of existing small business sites.
  • Discounted prices on domain registration, hosting, and email services
  • Low package pricing that includes:
    • 2-year domain registration
    • Customized web design
    • Low cost monthly or quarterly service contracts that include hosting and free updates
    • Optimized, validated site programming for top level Google and Yahoo! search rankings
    • Up to 10 Outlook compatible or forwarded email accounts
    • Customer training and support by phone or email.
  • Specialty program options such as blogs, photo galleries, and forms of all types
  • Negotiated pricing with talented graphic artists for logos and other graphics

Quotes and pricing

The Small Web Master has reviewed the market and feels that most web design companies really don’t want to serve the small or home-based business person. Very few will spend the time necessary to work with individuals or families wanting to put together a small, simple web site or blog.

Many companies that will agree to accept assignments from smaller clients often charge high prices for set up and design. Their ongoing support and maintenance services can be quite expensive, with additional fees for monthly server usage, maintenance contracts and support. Typically they charge high hourly fees for even minor text changes or updates and to set up additional pages or features.

You will find that the Small Web Master’s pricing is very affordable and in most cases his quotes are for packaged pricing. For those clients who prefer to do the design work themselves or have another webmaster do it for them, he still offers discounted pricing for domain registration and hosting at

For more information about pricing, please go to our Get a Quote page.