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Wouldn’t you like to have a good looking, professionally designed website that you could proudly show off to your family and business associates? How would you like to be able to log in to your own blog and share your thoughts, travel photos, and family events with your friends?

Imagine your friends finding your website listed on the first or second page of Yahoo!® or Google™?

An affordable, quality website for everyone

The quickest, easiest and least expensive way to achieve those goals is to let the Small Web Master design your new website for you.

The Small Web Master believes that an attractive, well organized and functional website doesn’t have to cost you “an arm and a leg.” He prefers to work with clients who need an appealing, user friendly website for their small business or personal use, but don’t have the time, software, or technical ability to do it themselves.

More importantly, the Small Web Master understands the need to create websites that are legally and functionally compliant. The Small Web Master builds websites that will work well with most current browsers, are easy to read, and look good on any laptop or monitor screen.

Should you “do it yourself”?

The facts are that most off-the-shelf software that is available to non-professionals simply will not create high quality custom websites. Even when using popular entry-level web creation software, most beginners and non-professionals still find the learning curve is too difficult and the whole process far too time consuming. If and when they do finally get a website up and running, they are often unhappy with the results and eventually lose interest in their project.

So the real question is: Should you try to design your own website? After all, can it really be that difficult? Isn’t everyone doing it? Take our little quiz and find out if you should give it a try.

Unfortunately, many low-cost web designers will often use basic web creation software themselves. Some simply don’t care or know how to make truly professional level web sites – and the results show up in the quality of their work.

Unlike most budget web design companies, the Small Web Master’s website designs are never based entirely on standard templates. Even when he may start out with a template design, the Small Web Master always redesigns and customizes them for each client’s specific needs and preferences.

The Small Web Master also believes in providing true “full personal service” to his clients. Our other company, ALowCostWebSite.com has been set up to provide domain name registration, hosting, server space, and web-based email services at deep discounts to both our customers and the general public. ALowCostWebSite.com provides all the tools needed to accomplish the job for those clients who are able and prefer to do it themselves.

We also provide complete professional level packages that include domain name registration, server space and ongoing maintenance (site updates and changes) at no additional cost. We truly provide everything you’ll need.

Your can own a quality website at the lowest cost possible

If you have a small business with a limited budget, contact us now to find out how a good looking, low cost website can help you increase your customer base and give you the opportunity to sell your product or service to the world!

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