the Small Web Master

Who is the “Small Web Master?”

Pretty much a “one man band,” John Hoyle, aka “the Small Web Master,” is a Salem, Oregon based web designer, journalist, and entrepreneur.
The Small Web Master programming on the fly!

His 45-years of experience in business management, technical operations, and real estate have given him a broad background in the financial and computer industries. Above all, his experiences in business and life have taught him that to be truly successful, you have to enjoy what you are doing. On that count, John is a very happy man, because he loves almost anything having to do with computers and the Internet.

“I love where I live and love what I do,” John says. “Most of all I enjoy having easy working relationships with my customers. Several of them have actually become good friends over the years.”

John has been creating websites for himself and others since 1998. He created his very first website for his son-in-law, who was a Southern California real estate broker at the time. Over the years, many of his clients were also connected to the real estate industry, but his customer list includes a broad spectrum of professionals in many business and artistic categories.

John also manages and writes for several blogs and online news journals. He tries to take time to comment on everything from politics to religion, as well as occasionally sharing his opinions on where to find the best wineries in central Oregon.

Because he is fascinated with what makes things tick, he is constantly researching the latest techniques in web design, John Hoyle programming websites in 1998search engine optimization, and online business strategies. His success with Google™ search has, at times, been legendary. On several occasions websites he was building and that were still in early stages of development have shown up on Google’s™ first directory page within days. Most of his clients’ sites appear in Google’s™ first page for their own business name and primary key words. Whenever he feels that one of his websites isn’t performing well enough in search rankings, he keeps tweaking it until it does.

John also prides himself on the fact that no two of his websites are the same. It’s not enough for him to just throw some text and pictures up on the computer’s monitor screen – anyone can do that. He finds real satisfaction in creating and implementing new designs, and is constantly researching latest trends and Internet technologies.

John looks forward to building or updating a website for you sometime soon. Discover for yourself the new styles and designs he can use to present your information in the best possible way.

Oh, by the way, the Small Web Master is not so small. He stands just under 6 feet tall and when he’s not watching his diet is almost as big around as he is tall. The “small” in his business name only refers to the size of the businesses he prefers to design websites for.